Traffic Lights

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Aug 30, 2021
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Traffic Lights
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The Story

Sometime ago, the traffic lights at the main road near my workplace malfunctioned. When I think about it, this has never happened before. For once, I felt afraid at a traffic light, while being inside a car.

The car beside me hesitated to move, the cars across me hesitated to move, and I hesitated to move. We were being cautious, but the cars at the back were honking. I needed to go home, and I needed to make way for the others at the back. So, I made my move.

No, there were no collisions — I made it home safely. Looking back, I think I took traffic lights for granted, and I think I've learned a few life lessons from that incident.

Traffic lights are like the rule of law. Obey it, and I'll be safe for most of the time. Disobey it, and I'll be penalized, if not dead. If traffic lights don't exist, people become restless, like those cars honking at the back while those at the front gamble with their lives. Some made it through, some died trying.

Traffic lights maintain order, traffic lights preserve life. People need traffic lights, people need law.

There's no such thing as total freedom, for a good reason.

— End

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