Designer's Collection


Designer's Collection

A complete package of every single template and theme in my Notion-Super collection, sold at bundled price.

  • Get the whole collection worth $118 at more than 76% off.
  • Save $90 now, and even more when new templates are added.
  • A one-time purchase, not a subscription.
  • Includes future new templates and themes at no extra cost.
  • Price will increase accordingly when new templates and themes are added, so lock in the price now while it's still low!
  • As of December 2021, there are a total of 7 site themes and templates. More to come.
    1. Was $21

    2. Watashi (released - ✅)
    3. Aimée (released - ✅)
    4. Portal (released - ✅)
    5. Mercado (released - ✅)
    6. Currently $28

    7. Evergarden (released - ✅)
    8. Shibuya (released - ✅)
    9. Utopia (released - ✅)
    10. Will increase to $35

    11. Lost in Paradise, a portfolio template (WIP - 🧑‍💻)
    12. Licht, a newsletter template (TBC - ⏰)
    13. Auris, a podcast template (TBC - ⏰)
    14. Will increase to $42

    15. Silicon Valley, a SaaS template (TBC - ⏰)
    16. Happening, an events template (TBC - ⏰)
    17. Profiles, a directory template (TBC - ⏰)
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Illustrations by Craftwork Design

Illustration package: Guacamole

• What's included in the collection •

Utopia — $19

Perfect for: Personal Site, Portfolio, Blog, Online Store

An all-in-one personal site template to host your about page, blog posts, portfolio work, and more.

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Shibuya — $19

Perfect for: Portfolio, Online Store, Blog

A luxurious portfolio template inspired by the famous city of Shibuya in Japan.

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Evergarden — $15

Perfect for: Blog, Personal Site

Evergarden is a classy, minimal blog template that mimics a classic letter post.

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Watashi — $12

Perfect for: Personal Site, Project Landing Page

Watashi (わたし) is a Japanese word for 'Me' or 'I'. The essence of this theme is to showcase a person's life, work, or whatever he or she desires.

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Aimée — $19

Perfect for: Blog, Portfolio

Introducing Aimée, a modern blog and portfolio theme.

Aimée is a well-known French name that carries the beautiful meaning of Beloved.

This template is available in Snow, Carbon, and System themes.

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Portal — $15

Perfect for: Personal Site, Resume, Documentation

Introducing Portal, a modern résumé or CV site theme.

Don't limit this theme to just a résumé template. Utilizing Notion's powerful blocks, this theme can be molded into an all-in-one site that hosts your blog, about page, projects, personal site, and more.

Expand your creativity freely with Portal.

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Mercado — $19

Perfect for: Online store, Blog, Portfolio

Introducing Mercado, a premium retro online store theme and template. This template is perfect to showcase and sell your digital products on the internet.

Mercado can be used as a blog, or even a personal site theme. With the flexibility of Notion and Super, you can turn this template into whatever type of site you wish.

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